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Boys Program

Ninja Gymnastics

Our Ninja Gymnastics Class is inspired by gymnastics, martial arts and obstacle course training. Ninja Gymnastics training encourages discipline, strength and endurance training, balance, agility and more. In this class kids will learn a combinations of somersaults, rolls, jumps, swings and kicks while maneuvering through obstacle courses in a fun and safe environment.

Intermediate and Advanced Program

The Intermediate and Advanced Boy’s Program is by invitation only. This program is a progression forward from our BEEginner’s Program and further challenges our gymnasts in areas of strength, coordination, balance and spatial awareness. Gymnastics skills are progressed in accordance to our USA Gymnastics Program.

Tuition Schedule

Sessions & Tuition Schedule for Recreational Program

Session 2 March 8 through April 10th (5 weeks)
Session 3 April 12 through May 15 (5 weeks)
Session 4 April 17 through June 12 (4 weeks)

Prices based on a 5 week session:

$83 – 1x/week
$155 – 2x/week
$225 – 3x/week

$110 – 1x/week
$210 – 2x/week
$300 – 3x/week

$138 – 1x/week
$265 – 2x/week
$375 – 3x/week