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Girls Program

BEEginner’s Program

The ‘Bee’ginner gymnastics program is designed to meet the needs of the recreational gymnast, as well as the serious beginner intent on rapid acceleration to the competitive team level. Age appropriate classes are arranged with girls and boys in separate groups. Classes are 1-hour long and begin with a calisthenics stretch out period. The students begin working out on the equipment commensurate with their age, sex and skill level. At least 3 different pieces of equipment are used during each class to maximize the gaining. The classes finish off with strengthening exercises and a cool down period. Gymnastics at this level provides the participant with excellent strength and balance, which is easily applied to other physical activities.

Girls Beginners 5+ (Ages 5-7)

Girls Beginner 8+ (Ages 8-12)

Intermediate and Advanced Program

In this program students continue to work on the beginner basics as well as Intermediate and or Advanced skills that are more challenging and physically demanding. These students have already perfected their cartwheels, handstands and the other skills in the beginner program. They will be introduced to skills such as round offs, and kick overs/walkovers on floor; hip circles on bars, jumping and basic tumbling on the beam; intermediate vaulting skills, etc. Our intermediate class is the next level up from our BEEginer’s program. Placement in this class requires invitation and/or evaluation.

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Annual Registration Fee
$40/Per Child Family Rate

Private Lessons:
1 Hour Private Lesson = $85
Semi-Private (2 students) = $110 ($55 each)
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