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Pre-Competitive Program

These classes are by invitation or try-out only.

Hot Shots (4-6 years)

In the Hots Shots program gymnasts are hand selected based on their age, talent level & progressive ability to begin training for a future in competitive gymnastics. With an increased amount of training hours, skills are progressed at a rapid pace with emphasis on perfecting each skill. In this program, routines are introduced and strength & flexibility are strongly encouraged as major components for progressing from Hot Shots to competitive team.

Pre-Team (ages 6+)

Our Pre-Team program is similar to our Hot Shots program but for kids ages 7-12. It is designed for the serious gymnast with an ultimate goal of making it to our competitive team. Routines are introduced & skills are broken down and perfected until proper techniques are mastered. Strength and flexibility training are introduced at a more intense level. Although the intensity of training increases in this program, the fun never ends!