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About Us

Tumblebees Gymnastics has 35+ years history in the Miami-Dade County Area. Tumblebees has grown to become one of the largest and most successful gymnastics schools in South Florida. Through the years, the Tumblebees organization has owned and managed seven fully-equipped gymnastics centers and up to 50 different satellite programs, organized countless summer camps, holiday and seasonal shows, managed and directed over a dozen Sanctioned USAG & AAU Competitions, including the nationally known Jr. Orange Bowl Invite, and provided instruction to nearly 50,000 boys and girls in the Miami Area. As a contributor back to the community, Tumblebees has been an active supporter of the Special Olympics organization, both as a certified training facility and a competitive host club. On September 11, 1993, Tumblebees received a proclamation from Miami-Dade County for “Tumblebees Gymnastics Day”, because of its contribution to the health and fitness of the area’s children and young adults.


6950 SW 117TH AVENUE, MIAMI, FL 33183
(Across from BJs Wholesale Club)

Trial Class

At Tumblebees you may try a class first and see how your child likes it. We offer trial classes for a one-time fee of $25 without registration. All trial classes are to be scheduled through the front desk and must be paid for in advance

Gymnastics Attire

All students must wear proper attire for gym class. Girls wear a gymnastics or dance type leotard, or bike shorts and a tight fitted tank/shirt. Long hair must be tied back and out of the face. No eye glasses, hanging earrings, bracelets or necklaces. Boys wear shorts without zippers or snaps (athletic shorts), and T-shirts. Shoes and socks can be left in the cubby holes near the entrance to the gymnasium.

You can purchase leotards and additional items from our BEE Boutique on site at any of our locations.

Our Tumblebees Logo Leotards are available at a one-time discounted rate of $25 for 1 week from initial registration.

Make-Up Policy

Tumblebees allows for you to make-up any class that is missed within 30 days of the absence.
If you have not scheduled a make-up class within 30 days, the missed class is forfeited. No payment adjustments can be made to a future month tuition rate for missed or absent classes.

Make-up classes MUST be scheduled through the front desk in person or via a phone call or by email at Miamioffice@tbgyms.com. You cannot schedule a make-up class on the website.

Please be advised, if you re-scheduled a missed class, then miss the scheduled make-up class, you forfeit the class you originally missed and will not be allowed to reschedule again for a second time.

All students with available make-up classes are invited to use their make-up in exchange for one hour of OPEN GYM on Friday nights. If you would like to stay additional hours, there will be a minimal charge for the added hour(s) and pizza if desired.

Teacher Absences & Combined Classes for Low Enrollment

There may be times when your child’s teacher is absent. We will always provide a substitute teacher of equal qualifications. Since we do realize that consistency is important in your child’s gymnastics experience, we will do our best to minimize these occurrences

Classes with less than 2 students enrolled may be combined with another class

Our Staff


Jennifer Karborani DPT, COMT

Co-Owner & Program Director

Jennifer began her tenure at TumbleBees as an assistant coach in 2000 but it wasn’t long before she built up a competitive team and became Head Coach, Team Manager and then an Owner. As a child, she was introduced to gymnastics at the age of 7 and continued as a competitive gymnast under the USA Gymnastics league until 1999. In 2002, she was the All-American cheer champion, and Co-Captain of the FIU Cheerleading Squad in 2006. Jennifer graduated in 2010 with her Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy and enjoys treating orthopedic injuries as a Physical Therapist for Select Medical. In 2011, she partnered up with Andi and became Co-Owner of TumbleBees Gymnastics Miami! She is a qualified USA Gymnastics Judge since 2011 and Safety Certified under the USA Gymnastics league. In 2012 she introduced TOPs to TumbleBees and has qualified several athletes to the USA Gymnastics TOPs A & B camps, Diamond Team and Development Invite Camps. She now holds the title of State Manager for TOPs in Florida.

In 2016 she expanded her love for gymnastics into the Palm Beach County area where she opened her second gym, Tumblebees Gymnastics Jupiter. Jennifer enjoys CrossFit, Pilates, and Orange Theory as an alternative method to staying in shape. After attaining her certificate in CrossFit Gymnastics, Jennifer created TumbleBees own CrossFit Gymnastics class in 2013. She competed in the CrossFit Regional Games in 2012 and 2013. She continues in her 20th year at TumbleBees, truly motivated by the Competitive Gymnasts she teaches, with a goal of Olympic gold in the years to come.


Andi Winston

Co-Owner & Business Manager
Andi is the founding owner of Tumblebees since 1986. She works from behind the scenes as the administrative business manager helping to make sure our gym operations run smoothly. She partnered with Jenny in 2011 and together they expanded our facility to the grand 10+k square foot gym we have now. In 2016 they teamed up to open their second location in Jupiter, Florida. Andi always had a dream of running a gym where Olympic level athletes can strive to Bee the Best They Can Be. She is proud to have accomplished that goal and looks forward to watching several more children within South Florida flourish through our program over the next decade.

Silvina Blessings

Office Manager
Silvina came to Tumblebees with many years of experience running and managing a gymnastics studio. She is very efficient with her work and does an amazing job keeping member accounts organized and up to date. She is friendly and always eager to help customers in need of information and students in need of assistance.

Alexia Penate

Office Assistant
Alexia has been a huge asset to our Tumblebees program. She comes to us with a great amount of experience in the gymnastics field. She was a competitive team athlete for many years and then pursued a career coaching gymnastics at a local gym. She is now our office assistant and has really helped keep our gym organized. Alexia is also our substitute coach and you will occasionally see her on the floor doing what she loves most, coaching!

Luis Zuleta

Afternoon Program Director, Optional, Xcel & Elite Coach
Born and bred in Maracaibo, Venezuela, Luis has made himself quite the career in gymnastics and we’re pleased to have him! In 1999, he retired from competitive gymnastics, but not without first earning himself high-ranking titles at National Championships. Dedicating himself to coaching, he’s trained athletes through nine worldwide championships for aerobic gymnastics, and two Pan-American Championships. After spending some time in Virginia, Luis relocated to Miami in 2008 and joined our staff. He coaches our competitive team levels 1-10, Elites and Xcel and recently led one of our very own athletes to the Junior Pan American Championships in Argentina, as well as the Junior World Championship in Hungary in 2019. Luis coaches primarily on Vault, Uneven Bars and Tumbling. He is a member of the USA Gymnastics Association and is USAG Safety Certified.

Carlos Sanchez

Morning Program Director, Optional & Elite Coach
Bringing a diverse background to the sport of gymnastics, Tumblebees is proud to have Carlos as one of our competitive team coaches. Carlos is a former National Champion for the Venezuelan National Team (2006-2011). He coached athletes through the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, and World Gymnastics Championship in Tokyo. Carlos’ experience is quite impressive. He was a Zulia State Head Coach, and a Venezuela National coach for over 14 years. He also holds a Brevet International and USA Gymnastics judging certificate and has judged the 2019 Pan American Games and the 2019 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, judging some of our world famous Olympians. He joined Tumblebees in 2012 with the promise to make us one day an Olympic Champion. With his strict coaching style and strive for perfection, we know Carlos will keep to his promise. He is Safety Certified by the USA Gymnastics association and is part of the technical committee for the Pan American Gymnastics Union.

Olaya Turnez

Compulsory, Optional & Elite Coach
Olaya, born and raised in Cuba, graduated with a degree in Classical Ballet from the Superior Institution of Art and Physical Culture in Gymnastics. She has been involved with the gymnastics community for the past 40 years and began her journey with TumbleBees in the summer of 2014. Not only can we brag that Olaya was a coach to the National Team in Cuba, she also was a certified Brevet International Gymnastics Judge for 25 years. At Tumblebees she coaches levels 1 through 10 and Elite under the USA Gymnastics League. Olaya specializes on the Balance Beam and has shown her success through the many Regional and National titles that her gymnasts have won over the years. She is also known for the many PERFECT 10s she has won for our gym and the earning athletes.

Luis Casals

Compulsory, Optional, Xcel & Elite Coach
Luis has been on our Tumblebees Staff since early 2017. He was born in Cuba where he was the head coach for male Youth Male Gymnastics program at Cuba’s National School for 7 years. He then lived in Mexico for 6 years where he a coach for the Youth Male Olympic Program. Here at Tumblebees Luis specializes in coaching the Uneven Bar for levels 1-10, Xcel & Elite gymnastics, but also enjoys coaching Tumbling and Vault. Don’t be fooled by his tough look, Luis is one of our most fun and playful coaches but leave it to him to have our girls scoring high 9s and sometimes 10s at competitions.

Alina Adan

Compulsory & Optional Coach
Alina has been a part of the Tumblebees Staff since 2014. She is one of our team coaches as well as a recreational coach when needed. Here at Tumblebees, Alina is our Floor Exercise coach and one of our top choreographers for our competitive floor routines. She’s been coaching artistic gymnastics for the past 12 years and used to coach rhythmic gymnastics for 15 years prior to that. We like to call Alina our “Perfect 10.00 Coach” as she is a perfectionist who has brought home several perfect 10.00 scores to our gym through her detailed cleaning of gymnastics skills. Alina coaches our levels 1-10 athletes, and has led our girls to many championships with the creative choreography she provides for them.

Inaudy Rubio

Recreational & Preschool Coach
Inaudy has been part of the TumbleBees family since 2004. A former member of the Dominican Republic National Team, Inaudy has always had a passion for the sport. In 1986, he graduated from the National School of Physical Education in Santa Domingo, and later started coaching gymnastics in 1987. Before relocating to Miami, he gained experience coaching gymnastics for competitive boys and girls teams in Chicago and New Jersey. He also has experience judging competitive gymnastics in Brazil, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, as a certified International Federation of Gymnastics Judge. Inaudy coaches Pre-School, Beginner, Intermediate, Boys Gymnastics and Tumbling classes. He hopes to start a Boys Competitive Team for TumbleBees in the near future. Inaudy believe gymnastics is what has shaped him in life, and he loves what is has done for him.

Hannah Sadowsky

Xcel Team Coach
Hannah is a Florida native with over 11 years of gymnastics coaching experience. She has coached all levels from recreational to optional gymnastics. Hannah has been with Tumblebees since 2016 and currently is the Head Coach for our Xcel Program. She specializes in Balance Beam and Tumbling although she enjoys coaching gymnastics on all 4 competitive apparatuses. Hannah was a gymnast herself competing all the way up to level 10; she then decided to take up coaching in high school and while she went off to receive her Bachelors in Health Science at the University of Central Florida. She continued her studies at Florida International University receiving her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2019. Hannah currently treats brain injuries and other neurological conditions at Jackson Memorial Hospital as well as orthopedic injuries and return to sport training at Old Bull Athletics in Coral Gables. She has a passion for the sport of gymnastics and loves to help each and every gymnast succeed. Hannah has held a professional membership with USAG gymnastics for several years and is Safety Certified under the USA Gymnastics Association.

Morgan Huskins

Xcel Team Coach
Morgan has been coaching Competitive Gymnastics for over 30 years. His passion for the sport started after viewing the 1976 Gymnastics Team. He remembers being mesmerized by Nadia Comaneci perfect score on balance beam. He knew then that he would strive to be a great gymnast himself. Morgan understands the delicate balance of training young athletes in a professional sport, having won multiple Championships himself. He has been a dedicated coach to gymnasts in Miami for over 30 years, coaching USAG Level 1 through Level 10 and Xcel. Here at Tumblebees, Morgan specializes in coaching the Uneven Bars. He is very knowledgeable on the physics of releases and timing on circling skills which is a huge asset for our entire coaches team. Morgan now works with Tumblebees’ Xcel competitive program and has brought home high scores for our athletes year after year. He is Safety Certified and holds a Professional Membership under the USA Gymnastics League.

Lenin Chavez

Recreational, Preschool, Compulsory and Xcel Coach
Lenin’s passion for the sport of gymnastics began with his journey as a competitor for aerobic gymnastics. As a highlight of his career, Lenin was chosen to be part of the National Team of Aerobic Gymnastics for his home country, Venezuela. Upon the retirement of his career as an athlete, he began coaching and judging. He has over 21 years of coaching experience between artistic gymnastics and aerobic gymnastics. Lenin began working at Tumblebees in 2017 and is now one of our leading recreational coaches. His passion is to develop young athletes to prepare them for a future as a competitive gymnast.

Stephanie Seguerit

Recreational & Pre-Team Coach
Stephanie began artistic gymnastics at the age of 4 and by 12 years old she began with her journey as a competitor for aerobic gymnastics. As a highlight of her career, Stephanie was chosen to be part of the National Team of Aerobic Gymnastics for her home country, Venezuela. In 2020 she was a part of the International Aerobic Gymnastics, representing Chile. In 2021 she competed at the National Cup of Aerobic Gymnastics in Chile, she also competed at the South American aerobic gymnastics in Colombia the same year. She has over 12 years of coaching experience between artistic gymnastics and aerobic gymnastics. Her passion for the sport is to develop young athletes to prepare them for a future as a competitive gymnast.

Elena Delmoral

Optional & Elite Coach
Elena was born in Venezuela and was a former National Champion for the Venezuelan National Team (1988-1997). She graduated from the Yin-Yang Institute in Venezuela with a Massage Therapy diploma, and has also undergone extensive training in the areas of choreography, judging and training for both gymnastics and cheer/dance. As an athlete, she participated in various international competitions, including the South American Games, Panamerican Games, and the Iberoamerican Games. Elena has won various awards, including Athlete of the Year (multiple times), Trainer of the Year, and was nominated as Coach of the Year 2018 by WAG in South Australia. She has over twenty years of experience as gymnastics coach, and has been an instrumental part of our Optional Competitive Team’s success since 2021.